What Color Goes Best With Yellow Wedding theme? Burgundy Color Scheme Ideas To Copy In
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What Color Goes Best With Yellow Wedding theme? 33+ Burgundy Color Scheme Ideas To Copy In 2021

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colorful spring bouquet in modern vase

There are lots of ways to build a refreshing wedding theme around yellow and burgundy colors.

For autumn and winter, you can use a lot of greenery along with gentle white fabrics and wooden details for a mustard yellow rustic feel.

For spring and summer, you can use gradients of dark and bright yellow, orange, peach, maroon and burgundy color to form a really passionate wedding color combination with lighter color tone.

We’ve gathered a gallery filled with burgundy and yellow wedding inspiration with the most beautiful details to get you inspired. Take a look!

Want to save money? Check out these affordable yellow and burgundy wedding ideas for last minute shopping!

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Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Theme

When it comes to yellow color, it was considered an underused idea in weddings. Although the popularity of this shade has been on the rise, many brides still feel confused about how to plan every detail for a successful yellow and burgundy wedding combo.

Yellow And Burgundy Mixed Wedding Outfit

Are you hesitating about a yellow and burgundy wedding dress as it might be too bright? Not sure how to pull it together?

I promise you that once you start your styling you’ll come to find that yellow is actually a really easy color to work with for all seasons! Just be sure to include various shades of yellow, some deep and some lighter and you’re sure to create a look that’s picture perfect!

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✅ Best Burgundy Wedding Outfits For Men

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✅ Best Baby Girls Infant Lace Burgundy Wedding Dress

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Burgundy And Yellow Hair

If you are looking for something really uncommon, then temporarily dye your hair yellow or burgundy! See these yellow and burgundy wedding color pictures and get inspired!

Yellow And Burgundy Wedding Reception Decor

When it comes to reception decoration for a yellow and brugundy wedding, choose a lighter yellow shade to match with neutral décor if you are looking for a chic vibe. Both this shade, a darker mustard or pale yellow tone is especially complementary to a vintage-inspired celebration.

Burgundy And Yellow Wedding Flowers

Some brides think yellow wedding works the best with lavender, mint, grey, coral, green, navy and teal color. But they will not look like a wedding at all. I still think yellow and burgundy will be the best yellow wedding combo as burgundy is a more traditional wedding color, while yellow will inject some refreshing mood.