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What Colors Go With Burnt Orange For A Wedding? (27+ Burgundy Combinations For 2022)

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While you might decide against wearing an orange gown, it’s a great color for your bridesmaid dresses and to use for accents such as floral arrangement, jewellery and menswear accessories when matched with burgundy color.

If you’re planning a burnt orange and burgundy wedding theme, let’s take a look at how you might incorporate it in to your special day. Looking for inexpensive ideas, try save money with next day delivery of Amazon prime.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Wedding Colors

Burgundy is a warm purplish red color that represents class, mystery and elegance. It looks absolutely charming when paired with burnt orange color as both colors are vibrant and confident on their own, but when they combine, they create this vibe of passion and confidence that is hard to ignore.

Navy Blue, Burnt Orange And Burgundy Wedding

Rich, sophisticated, and inspired by autumn, navy, burnt orange and burgundy is the perfect color palette to set a dramatic and inviting mood for your fall and winter wedding.

Combining deep burgundy, summery orange and vibrant navy, this theme strikes the perfect balance for couples who want to have a unique wedding memory.

Burnt Orange And Burgundy Hair

Looking for an even more bold idea to standout at the wedding party? Try getting a burnt orange to burgundy hairstyle for the bride and the groom.

Burgundy And Burnt Orange Bridal Bouquet

If you’re planning an Autumn wedding, check out these fall bridal bouquet wedding color palettes to inspire you! These orange to burgundy fall inspired hues will help you set a warm, cozy mood for the party.

Burgundy And Orange Wedding Decorations

Rich and sophisticated, these warm wedding colors of burgundy and orange will give your fall & early spring cool wedding a cozy atmosphere.