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Best Shades Of Blue For Wedding: 47+ Royal Blue And Burgundy Color Combination Ideas (2021)

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Burgundy plays a big role in today’s modern wedding designs, adding attractive, powerful, graceful energy to any wedding color combinations. When matched with classic royal blue, a wedding can take on a bohemian style fit for the heart of any season.

If you’re planning a royal blue and burgundy wedding theme, let’s take a look at how you might incorporate the colors in to every detail of your big day.

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What Is The Meaning Of Royal Blue For Wedding?

Royal blue is a deep, vivid blue. To be precise royal blue color is

  • Hex: #4269E2
  • RGB: (66, 105, 226)
  • CMYK: 0.707, 0.535, 0, 0.113
  • Pantone: 19-3955 TCX

Royal blue is the color of Sapphires. This gorgeous gem is a beautiful sky blue color reminding us of not only they sky, but also heaven. It is a spiritual color to be used in weddings. A royal blue wedding gown suggests femininity and purity. A royal blue suit symoolizes stability, security and lifelong loyalty.

Royal blue is lighter than navy blue but darker than dusty blue. It is a common misconception that royal blue and navy blue are the same color. In fact, royal blue is a far more saturated version of blue, while navy blue is a darker shade.

What Is The Meaning Of Burgundy Color For Wedding?

Burgundy is a dark red wine color with shades of purple. To be precise burgundy color is

  • Hex: #810020
  • RGB: (129, 0, 32)
  • CMYK: 0, 1, 0.751, 0.494
  • Pantone: 19-1617 TCX

Burgundy color symbolises passion, energy, wealth, power, and ambition. It is a good luck wedding color in many cultures and the color of ruby.

Burgundy color is with more purplish tinge than Maroon color. It is a common misconception that burgundy and maroon are the same color. In fact, maroon is with more brown undertone than burgundy, and it is a more conservative color involving thoughtful action beyond passion.

Royal Blue And Burgundy Wine Wedding Color Combinations

A royal blue and burgundy wedding color scheme illustrates how analogous colors may be used successfully together. Note you do not need to drive yourself crazy and stay strict with the color codes. Colors are perceived differently under different lighting condition and surrounding color so it is fine as long as you have fun with similar shades.

One approach to royal blue and burgundy matching is to use strong dark, teal-toned blues, mediated by neutrals. Intense tones produce a jewel-like or stained-glass effect, suitable for suits, wedding dress, glass accessories, glossy enamel or silk-like fabrics. A blue and burgundy floral print outfit with a cream background is a good example of limited uses of these rich colors. Back your royal blue and burgundy color centrepiece or table runner with a rose gold, gray or ivory backdrop.

Burgundy And Royal Blue Wedding Outfits

Both burgundy and royal blue make lovely options for the groom’s suit and bride’s gowns. Show off your trendy sense of style by weaving these two moody colors into every details of your wedding outfits.

The multitude of wine color decorative schemes suggests you might think of using burgundy the way you would use dark maroon, charcoal gray or even black if you are looking for a darker wedding theme with royal blue. On contrast, small accessories in bright burgundy will bring warmth and sharp definition to the coolness and tranquil qualities ascribed to all shades of royal blue. Combining touches of burgundy with icy royal blue makes the most of this strongly contrasting wedding outfit style.

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Royal blue color dress

Royal blue nails

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Royal Blue And Burgundy Wedding Decorations

For a richer, more complex effect, one strategy for combining burgundy and royal blue is to expand burgundy’s range with a deep fruit- or floral-toned pink. Combine burgundy with pale and dark berry pinks, dark and pale gray, and a soft greenish royal blue for a palette. Another way to increase the flexibility of burgundy might be to use it with a very pale, soft pink, making a strong-toned color more responsive to the extensive range of blues suitable for wedding decor.

Royal Blue, Burgundy And Gold Wedding Theme

Explore balancing these three hues throughout your wedding furniture, your floral arrangements and in your wedding stationery.

Keep scrolling to find some of your new favorite golden wedding details to go with navy blue and burgund color, enjoy!