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Dusty Blue And Burgundy Color Palette Wedding: 23+ Ideas Of Bouquet, Dresses, Invitations & Decorations (2021)

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Looking for a burgundy wedding color scheme that is perfect for spring and summer?

From vintage to modern, elegant to rustic weddings, from ceremony decorations to bridesmaid dresses, from wedding bouquets to wedding stationery, dusty blue & wine color combo can be a good choice for you for the big day.

Best Wedding Color Combination With Burgundy Wine Color

Burgundy color is a dreamy color that is being used a lot in weddings, and not just for winter and autumn! You can catch up here – it is such a pretty palette!!

Dusty Blue Color Platte Wedding

Dusty blue is a subtly romantic color that exudes elegance and will be the perfect fit for your wedding celebration.

Since this amazing color can work well with lots of colors. Check out these adorable dusty blue wedding color ideas and get inspired now.

Dusty Blue And Burgundy Wedding

Burgundy is one of the wedding colors that have endless possibilities. When adding tones of blue to it, the effect is gorgeous. The dusty blue and burgundy color palette are so stylish and refreshing that are nearly perfect for any season.

Add in mixes of white-washed greens, french blue silk ribbon invitation and some glittery silver details to create a wonderfully weddingscape to celebrate the unique moment you say “I do”.

Dusty Blue And Burgundy Wedding Bouquet

Both burgundy color and dusty blue are so hit in the popularity contest. Why not combine the two colors together for the bouquet? This color palette combines sophistication with some romance and fairy-vibe. It’s like having the best of both worlds with a classic yet modern approach.

Oh, and remember to do your nails as a lot of photos will be taken for your hand with the ring and the bouquet.

Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue is a large color family, and there are so many shades of blue such as popular navy blue, dusty blue, royal blue, ice blue or others. All of them are simple and charming to mix with burgundy maroon wine color family, you can’t go wrong with this color scheme for bridesmaid dresses!

Dusty Blue And Burgundy Wedding Invitations

This cheerful wedding color scheme brings smile to our faces and makes us think about May and June weddings. Dusty blue and burgundy contrasts well with each other and that is why combination of them is very vibrant to the eye. To ease the ‘clash’ we opted for softer dusty blue and more gentle burgundy color so the end result is happy but not eye watering.

Dusty Blue And Burgundy Wedding Cake

Burgundy and dusty blue – what a classy, rich color combo! If you’re a classy bride who chose these two colors to thread through the big day, you’re in luck. By adding pops of blue in burgundy wedding cake, or having the perfect shade of blue table linens you can create the perfect palette for your refreshing wedding setup!

Dusty Blue And Burgundy Wedding Flowers

Blue is always a popular color for wedding flowers, and today we’ll go with dusty blue. When you are deciding on wedding floral arrangement, always think seasonally unless you will go for fake flowers.

Dusty Blue And Burgundy Wedding Decorations

Picking your wedding decor palette isn’t exactly as easy as choosing your two favorite colors and making them the foundation for every wedding detail. You should start by nailing down your general aesthetic, and then follow the below reference to ultimately choose your styles and hues for decorations.