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Subtle Wedding Color Theme: 28+ Slate Blue And Burgundy Wedding Trends To Follow (2022)

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It’s time to get married!

From your invitations through to the ceremony, you can begin to introduce your slate blue subtle wedding color scheme.

While slate blue color is perfect for a beach wedding party, you need to add a hint of burgundy, gold or rose gold highlights to your wedding stationery to show more passion.

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Slate Blue And Burgundy Wedding

Slate blue is a popular grayish-blue color. While used in weddings, it gives the symbolic meaning of purity, love and fidelity of a blue wedding, but shows also the maturity, composure and sophistication of the gray color.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find what you’re looking for in slate blue color. Here we see the perfect combination of slate blue with burgundy to set the scene.

If you like blue with burgundy for wedding color theme, but are unsure about slate blue, then check out our guide for other popular blue wedding schemes.

Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Slate blue is a great color for bridesmaid dresses while the bride usually go for an ivory wedding gown. Slate blue itself is calm and pretty color, but it is not easy to carry for many skin and hair tones. Burgundy flowers make all the difference for the bridesmaids, adding highlight and vintage style to the beautiful outfits.

Slate Blue And Burgundy Wedding Party

Moving through to your reception, incorporate burgundy color into your table décor to make the setting spectacular. Remember, just a hint of slate blue is all you need or the whole wedding will be too dull.

Slate Blue And Burgundy Wedding Invitations

And finally… if you love the idea of metallics as highlight for a calm slate blue wedding , but you’re not sure whether to stick with silver, go girly with rose gold, or go glamorous with gold, we’re here to help you find the right metallic for your big day.

Slate Blue And Burgundy Wedding Decor

The natural style of a pretty burgundy blush bouquet is the perfect complement to a glamorous gown.

While you won’t find natural flowers in slate blue, you will find beautiful shades of blue that highlight the color scheme perfectly, and you can always add ribbon to accentuate the shade.

For table decoration, all you need is a fabulous slate blue table runner to set the main vibe, then choose matching color of candle holders, flowers, dinner wares base on season to complete the look!