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Trending Wedding Color Schemes: Forest Green And Burgundy Themes For 2021

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When it comes to wedding colour themes, green is undoubtedly one of our favourites to pair with burgundy color. It gives you the opportunity to bring the vibe of nature in to your big day, with wonderful flowers and foliage.

If you’re looking for a wedding ideas that look chic & stylish for all seasons, you’re in the right place.

When planning your green & burgundy wedding theme, think of ways to bring the outside in. Green wedding ideas are an extension of the great outdoors, decorating your venue with the beautiful, rustic colors of nature.


Burgundy And Green Color Schemes

Planning a burgundy and green wedding party? An outdoor wedding gives you an instant green ‘carpet’! These are different shades of green and you can make your decision base on seasonalities. Complete the look with delicate pew end florals with sage green foliage and ivory blooms.

Dark Green And Burgundy Wedding Color Schemes

There are endless details to take care of when you are planning a coordinated dark green wedding ceremony. To control the budget, remember not to spend money decorating areas that won’t be noticed. On the other hand, do decorate where it will be appreciated. Save money by adding ‘greenery’ through collecting leaves and branches you found in the forest or garden. For a more rustic look, present foliage in simple glass jars or bottles to create the ‘just-picked’ fresh look.

Sage Green And Burgundy Wedding

A lovely choice for spring and summer wedding, sage green and burgundy colors suit most skin tones and looks beautiful at a country wedding.

Sage green also combines perfectly with shades of pink and peach if you want to create a more warm and gentle vibe.

For a summer celebration, your groom could wear a lighter color suit with sage green or burgundy accessories. It can be easily achieved by choosing the right flowers and leaves for the boutonnière.

Forest Green And Burgundy Wedding

Forest green is a shade of green color between dark green and sage green. It is the most popular type of green to match burgundy color for wedding.

Forest green and burgundy wedding scheme works well for all seasons, and by choosing forest green as the main green color, you can easily go slighter darker or brighter for different details to have a coordinated look.

Forest Green And Burgundy Wedding Dress

Moving on to those all-important green and burgundy outfits! Forest green is a flattering shade so easily worked in to your attire, from bridesmaid dresses to buttonholes.

The most important accessory for the bride is a beautiful bouquet. These combinations of forest green foliage with blousy burgundy blooms are simply stunning.

Forest Green And Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

For a more glamorous look, we love the combination of ivory, burgundy and forest green. These bridesmaids look wonderfully elegant in their ivory gowns.

Forest Green And Burgundy Wedding Decor

Inexpensive and oh-so-pretty, sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference for the wedding setup, from thoughtful favours to intricate décor ideas.

Of course your wedding cake gives you the opportunity to present your perfect shade and style. The safest design will be green leaves and burgundy flowers on white, the result is simply striking.

Bring forest green color through to your stationery, from invitations to menus and place cards to add a hint of glamour.