Power Hairstyles For Uncommon Female CEO: Burgundy To Red Hair Styles
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Power Hairstyles For Uncommon Female CEO 2021: 27+ Burgundy To Red Hair Styles

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Do you have an important client meeting you’re hoping to ace? Or are you just looking to update your vibe in the office? Some people think being a female CEO equals boring power hairstyles, but that’s not true! Being a successful, busy, confident woman does not mean you must sacrifice feminine. Read on to find new professional hairstyles ideas for the uncommon career women.

Burgundy Red Short Hair

Short hair is a perfect way to keep things professional. This smart casual style with burgundy hair dye can be cute but classy. A great choice for women without the time to put too much effort into their hair before work. You can just roll out of bed, and you’re almost ready to go and still look sharp!

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Burgundy Red Long Straight Hair

Workspace is where you want to maintain formality, but keep your personality.

You should go for a length that is long enough to maintain your femininity but not so long that it looks unprofessional. The red and purple tones add an additional pop to the overall vibe, while also taking any attention away from signs of fine hair.

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Burgundy Red Hair Curly

Here is another easy style for the busy woman in the morning. Soft waves combined with the burgundy red ombre color take an already cute long bob and give it the extra twist. This fun style, however, maintains professionalism.

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Burgundy Red Hair Highlights

Why is power bobs the most popular hairstyle for female CEOs such as HP’s Meg Whitman, Avon’s Sheri McCoy, and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer? Fashion and hair are ways to express yourself or to get attention, but for many women CEO who have a seat in the boardroom, that may not be what you want to be noticed for.

At least that is the traditional concept for career women, and we think it is time for a change. Nowadays there are so many ‘online entrepreneurs’ who are successful because of the confidence to express the true self. We think a burgundy hairstyle is the perfect hair color for new generation of uncommon female CEO.

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Burgundy Red Hair On Brown Skin

Burgundy hair color looks great on darker skin color. The office doesn’t require a specific hairstyle. Check out these fashionable ideas, perfect for the workplace and meetings!

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Burgundy Red Hair Black Girl

Burgundy color is the most popular hair dye color for black girls. It is a great choice to stay professional with an edge. Try a side bang to add a beautiful touch to these professional-looking styles.

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