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23+ Maroon Cardigan & Sweater Outfit Ideas 2021: How To Wear Burgundy Wine Color For Mens & Women

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These essential, evergreen burgundy cardigan pieces work amazingly well in every wardrobe for men and women. Which one do you want to add to your closet first?

Scroll below as we share some of the coolest ways to wear the color, shop our favorites if you’re looking to update your wine color cardigan collection.

Outfits To Wear With A Maroon Cardigan For Women

Burgundy cardigan works on laid back looks, as well as office ready outfits. For instance, compliment your favorite cardigan with a pencil skirt, button down shirt and pumps will work well for both smart casual look for the day and friends’ gathering at night.

Outfits To Wear With A Maroon Sweater For Women

Burgundy Cardigan Plus Size For Women

You can copy these cute cardigan outfit ideas and wear them right now. These looks aren’t over fancy and are all very casual, chill and cozy. 

A burgundy cardigan is a perfect match with almost any casual jeans outfit. For example, you can wear a wine colored cardigan with a white or black t shirt and skinny jeans.

Short Cardigan Outfits For Women

Here’s exactly how to style a cardigan so you look fashionable and cozy this fall and winter. Timeless and chic, these short cardigan outfit has the no-brainer formula to look casual yet confident.

Long Burgundy Cardigan For Women

A long burgundy cardigan is the perfect finish to a casual T-shirt and slacks outfit. 

Burgundy Knit Cardigan For Women

There are dozens of ways how to wear these marvelous layering knitwear pieces. There are so many interesting looks you can create with burgundy knit cardigan. 

Men’s Maroon Sweater Outfit

Burgundy Cardigans are your staples for the seasonal wardrobe. They are versatile and they can fit many occasions. They look great for the dad who needs some color in the wardrobe, or the brother who just started experimenting with colors in outfit styles.

Men’s Burgundy Cardigan

You can’t go wrong with a fitted men’s burgundy cardigan. A cardigan is a great fashion item to own due to its versatility and ability to suit a wide variety of looks for guys and ladies.

How To Wear Cardigans With Jeans For Men

Unpredictable cool weather calls layering pieces, like a cardigan. These maroon cardigan ideas keep you stylish and warm even with jeans outfit.