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Evergreen Style Fashion: 27 Burgundy Winter Outfit Ideas For Women (2020)

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woman in black shirt and red jacket

Looking to impress someone with a great outfit but have nothing worthy in your wardrobe? Don’t worry—here are some evergreen styles that will ALWAYS look good.

The extravagant fashion world is all about trends. But burgundy color items are timeless fashion NECESSITIES that can never go out of style. 

Burgundy Winter Coat

Winter is an awesome time to wrap ourselves with any kind of clothes. As for the outer coat black is the safest choice but really dull look for the doomed weather. Burgundy coat catches attention in the subtle way, it is an classic fashion piece you should always keep in your wardrobe.

Burgundy Winter Jacket

Burgundy jacket is cool, though, durable but still feminine. It is for girls who are confident and sophisticate about the look. Easy for autumn, winter, sprint, and summer night — a nice piece of burgundy jacket with great leather and details will never go out style no matter what trends come and go.

Burgundy Cardigan

You know those pieces that never go out of style? The ones that may change slightly but always remain classic? Those are evergreen fashion, and my top of the list evergreen fashion for cold weather is a burgundy cardigan. 

Burgundy cardigan is a must have piece for both guys and girls. It is a thoughtful gift for men and women of any age and personalities and background. Investing a little bit of money to get a good quality cardigan is worthy as the timeless piece can give you warmth and style for decades.

Burgundy Sweater

You can’t go wrong with a basic burgundy sweater for cold weather. Wear it to work with a plain shirt underneath, or pair it with a nice floral skirt for casual date night. You can buy them today and know, that in 5 or 10 years, they will still feel relevant and classy, and there is no need to make difficult style decisions every day any more.

Burgundy Winter Dress

Why is it more wise to have evergreen fashion items? The truth is, even though there’s an endless stream of trends hitting the market, there are still tried-and-true pieces that never go out of style – like a floral burgundy winter dress.

So, don’t be afraid to invest in a burgundy red dress. Look for basic cutting, simple necklines and a good length for your body. You’ll be able to wear this with casual and dressy pieces alike. You can also wear your favorite jewelry to snazz it up. Not so boring after all!

Burgundy Pants

I love love love burgundy pants.

It is NOT that difficult to wear especially if you already have a whole wardrobe of black items. A burgundy pant help you to define yourself instead of following other peoples’ styles as it is uncommon but still easy to wear.

Trends come and go, and it’s fun to build your style with new trends. But if you do that, your wardrobe is constantly changing. That can also be pretty darn expensive. So, if you love experimenting with new trends, have fun – but not before you invest in at least one piece of these evergreen burgundy color fashion items.

Burgundy Ankle Boots

Let’s talk about a shoe-wear style and design that is beyond fashion trends — Burgundy boots.

When one thinks of burgundy shoes, usually the first impression is wedding heels, bridesmaid shoes or party gown shoes. Actually burgundy winter shoes such as ankle boots are very popular too as most of the winter shoes are very bulky, heavy, ugly and just not pretty.

An elegant pair of boots will never fail you. It is easy to wear them to the office, parties, formal occasions and special nights out. There is something seductive about this color which never let them go out of style. Another must have in your wardrobe should be a pair of burgundy boots.

Over the knee boot burgundy are very sexy too but harder to carry so I put some inspiration here but will not call it a must have piece.

Burgundy Winter Hat

Fashion trends keep changing every season, however this fashion item has real staying power. This trend of burgundy hat has stayed with us for long and for good. It will help you to hide that messy greasy hairstyle and it looks great with any hair color.

What’s more, it’s a great transitional piece, perfect for spring and fall, when we’re not really sure how to dress for the changing weather.

Burgundy Winter Scarf

Burgundy scarf will never go out of style, it is great for men and women. It is timeless and live outside the whims of the latest trends, time to add one to the closet to brighten up the winter days.