Burgundy Pants Outfit Ideas For Men What To Wear With Wine Color Maroon Jeans, Chinos, Shorts, Joggers & Dress Pants?
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41+ Burgundy Pants Outfit For Men 2022: What Colors Go With Wine & Maroon Color Jeans, Chinos, Shorts & Joggers?

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Burgundy has become a go-to color in menswear over recent years.

By pairing your burgundy pants with a blouse or a blazer, you can effortlessly dress it up so that you are ready for a social event of any kind. This color is easier to carry than most guys imagined for both formal and informal occasions.

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What Color Shirt Goes With Burgundy Pants?

These 8 colors are the most popular shirt colors to match with burgundy pants.

  1. Light blue
  2. Navy
  3. White
  4. Black
  5. Cream
  6. Grey
  7. Light pink
  8. Multi color

Complete the outfit with your favorite shirt to instantly step up the classy factor of your look. Although burgundy pants work well as year-round pants, they are especially delicious between seasons. You can easily change the shirt color for different seasons.

Add a jacket or blazer for a layered stylish look when the temperature is dropping. For men who are more creative, try burgundy pants with suits in light wool with checks, plaids, or flecks of contrasting colors in winter.

White Shirt Burgundy Pants

How to stand out in the ocean of boring neutral-colored clothes available to men, add some color to the pants! It’s so easy for men to gravitate towards easy classic colors, but why not switch it up a bit?

Burgundy color is the perfect color for smart-casual work outfits or date nights. Burgundy pants with a white shirt is a more formal combo than patterned shirts, it is still very easy to carry for men of any age.

Light Blue Shirt Burgundy Pants

Burgundy outfit is one of those styles everyone hesitates on at first sight, but once they try it on, it’s a game-changer.

If you are looking for a bit less dressed up, and might be a little less flashy look then you will want to tone it down by switching out the high contrast white shirt for light blue or navy, and you’ll be good to go.

Black Shirt Burgundy Pants

Bright red is an awesome color, but it can also be tricky to pull off, especially in formal situations. That is the exact reason why more men who love colors are turning to burgundy colors. However, if you are going for a black shirt with a black jacket, you can go for burgundy pants with a more red tone to brighten the look.

Classy! Wear black shirts with your burgundy pants to assemble the look of a sophisticated men’s style. For maximum gentlemen style effect, complete your look with a pair of leather tassel loafers.

What To Wear With Men’s Burgundy Dress Pants?

Burgundy is one of the hallmark colors of fall. Yet, a lot of men don’t even bother to wear it, or when they do, they wear it in limited amounts. The pictures below show you how easy and classy it is to wear burgundy dress pants for ‘manly men’.

What To Wear With Men’s Burgundy Chinos?

Burgundy chinos are among the fundamental elements of a functional wardrobe. Keep scrolling to find an effective way to inject a dose of sophistication into your outfit by adding a matching belt or accessories.

What To Wear With Men’s Burgundy Jeans?

For some men, it might be hard to imagine a world that includes jeans that aren’t the ‘original’ color. Blue jeans are great. However, wearing the same type of pants with the same color every day can become monotonous, and it’s understandable if you have the desire to try a new color. Black will be a great second choice, but burgundy color is the one that will truly give you a refreshing new look.

What Color Top Matches With Burgundy Pants?

Burgundy is the easiest color you can add into the mix after you’ve covered your basic white, blue, black and grey tops. It’s a color that most men don’t repel.

True color lovers dare to wear burgundy pants with all types of bright colors like yellow, red and pink. Do not wear your burgundy pants with similar colors such as brown, red, purple or maroon as that is simply too much and too dull.

What Color Belt With Burgundy and Maroon Pants?

With burgundy pants, the most common matching shoes/belt combination is light brown. Depending on the shirt color, you can also try dark brown or black belt. A white belt with white shoes would be too contrasting at the waist. Other popular belt colors for maroon burgundy pants are blue and pink, but that will be more difficult to find matching shoe colors.

(If you are serious about your outfit then remember to match the belt color with shoe color.)

What To Wear With Burgundy Shorts?

Burgundy shorts are actually more common than burgundy pants because in summer everyone is looking for some colors and burgundy is the first color guys want to try after the basic blue, black, beige and grey bottoms are covers. It’s a color that guys don’t naturally gravitate towards, but once they try it once, they love it!

T-shirts, patterned shirts, jackets, sportswear all work well with burgundy shorts. The beauty of burgundy is you can keep things calm by wearing it with navy blue, grey, white, black, or be a bit more colorful by pairing it with a light pink, chambray blue, olive green, or dark khaki. Bonus: If you’re looking to create a minimal wardrobe, this color can easily be thrown into the mix.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Burgundy Pants

Sneakers, joggers, loafers, athletic shoes, casual boots, leather oxford shoes all work well with burgundy pants. The following are the most popular shoe colors to match.

  1. Brown
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Multi-color

What Is The Difference Between Jeans And Dress Pants?

Dress pants are tight-fitting formal or semi-formal wear for the bottom half of men’s suits. They are often made of either wool or polyester and are expected to be worn with a matching suit jacket. Jeans are casual pants with a rugged appearance. Jeans are made of heavy twill called denim.

What Men’s Pants Are In Style?

Smart casual burgundy pants are in style in 2022. Burgundy pants are not boring, sharp-looking, and easy to wear for every occasion. You can find a lot of style references for burgundy chinos, slim-fit trousers, joggers, sweatpants and they all look amazing for men of any age.