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Burgundy Nail Designs: 83+ Elegant Ombre Colors & Classy Ideas For 2022

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Burgundy color is elegant because it looks fantastic for both baddies and soft girls. In this post I am going to share my favorite 83+ burgundy nail designs as they look chic and classy at the same time, they will match all your saint and sinner outfit nights.

Do you have any favorite classy nail designs? An extended one with a plain color or a colorful classy nail design? Burgundy-colored elegant nail designs are my favorite classy nail designs!!😏 These combinations are also great nail ideas for your burgundy dress.

Click the images to explore the best burgundy nail ideas!

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Dark burgundy nails

Get These Autumn & Winter Outfit To Match The Look!

Classic dark burgundy classy nail colors are one of the best colors you can put on your hands especially if you are on a fair complexion side. As warm and passionate as red but not as loud as it is, this classy nail design can match both of your naught and elegant outfit. Try having dark burgundy nails!!

Light burgundy nails

Explore The Best Burgundy Color Nail Ideas!

Do you want to try burgundy classy nail colors but think it can get too dark for you? Well, you may want to start with these lovely light burgundy nails. These elegant nail colors will definitely suit you.

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Burgundy nails matte

Try New Thing Tonight With These Matching Sexy Idea!

Like the elegant nail designs coffin, matte nails polish is also very popular in 2022. It is a powerful color to try in both offices and dates. If you’re not into glossy nail polish you may still enjoy classy and elegant nail designs coffin with matte nail polish. 

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Burgundy nails with silver

Click the images to explore the best burgundy nail ideas!

Burgundy nail design with silver? Good idea for those who can’t stick to one… I mean one chic and classy nail color. Haha. But kidding aside, these two are a good combination. If you want that shimmering effect but are not a fan of gold color, well you can always try a silver design instead. Don’t miss this chic and classy nails colors combination!!

Floral burgundy nail design

Matte burgundy nails with gold

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Looking for elegant nail designs for professionals? Are you out of ideas for classy nail polish colors? Just like red color with a gold highlight, burgundy plus gold color also look good together. As warm and passionate as red but not too loud, try these eye-catching matte burgundy with gold chic and classy nail designs for interviews at corporate workspaces and offices. 

Burgundy and rose gold nails

Click the images to explore the best burgundy nail ideas!

Burgundy and rose gold, two classic and elegant nail colors combined together. If you want to have these unique classy looks, try combining these two classy nail colors.

Burgundy ombre nails

Try New Thing Tonight With These Matching Sexy Idea!

Fan of ombre hair? Now you can do it on your elegant nail colors art with maroon ombre nails color. You may want to start with these burgundy two-toned or maroon ombre nails ideas. 

Burgundy and pink nails

For those who still can’t get over with their girly pink nail and want to try a new color, you may try a burgundy plus pink nail design. They look so chic, cute, and elegant nail designs for weddings.


All the images and text of this post are property to burgundycolors.com I spent a lot of time researching and editing, please respect my effort!

Burgundy and pink ombre nails

Do you want to be a Saint & Sinner tonight? In both cases, these maroon ombre nail arts are for you. If you don’t like the dark combination we have burgundy and pink ombre nails for you to try.

Red and burgundy long nails

Burgundy and pink long ombre nails

Black and burgundy nails

Black and burgundy? OMG does it work?!

Black color could be a gloomy color but if you pair it with burgundy it will look amazing. Now flaunt your goth-looking nails… with a burgundy twist!

Black and burgundy ombre nails

Burgundy acrylic nails coffin

Try New Thing Tonight With These Matching Sexy Ideas!

Coffin nails or ballerina’s nails is a new nail trend this 2022. It’s like stiletto nails but instead of a pointy tip, it has a squared tip. Try this new ombre nails trend together with a warm burgundy nail color. See the amazing samples below.

Feminine burgundy nails

Winter burgundy nail

Burgundy nails for Christmas

🍷Are you still looking for a spectacular burgundy dress to match your nice nail design?

Christmas is the time to shine if putting Santa Claus or Christmas trees on nails is too cute for you then try these glittering burgundy nails. Check out these alternative burgundy Christmas nails. The look is classy and elegant to carry from the morning professional meeting to the afternoon corporate office party, then to date dinner. It will get you ready for even more romantic happenings. 😏

Burgundy ombre nails with glitter

Burgundy acrylic nails

Burgundy shellac nails

Maroon nail designs

Wine color nails with gold

Short burgundy nails

Fall burgundy nail art

Nail idea for burgundy dress

Burgundy nail with rhinestone

Simple burgundy nail design

Burgundy nail for prom

Almond shape burgundy nail art

Summer burgundy color nails

Bridal wedding burgundy nail design

Easy pretty burgundy nail design

Burgundy & orange nail art

Red & burgundy nail art

Cute burgundy nail style

Unique burgundy nail art

Long burgundy nail design

Popular burgundy nail style

Halloween burgundy nails

Burgundy and white nail color

Black & burgundy nail color

Sparkly burgundy nail design

Long burgundy stiletto nails

Burgundy and gold stiletto nails

Burgundy nails for teens

Retro burgundy nails

Rose gold burgundy gel nails

Gold & burgundy stiletto nails

Matte burgundy stiletto nails

Metallic burgundy nail art

Burgundy nails with angel wings

Burgundy french tip nail designs

Charcoal gray & burgundy nail design

Princess burgundy nail ideas

Burgundy nails on dark skin

Who said burgundy nail design is only for fair skin tone? Burgundy color is good for all skin tones, the color looks amazing for hairstyles and nail designs. Try this elegant nail art yourself and you will definitely change your mind.

Rose gold burgundy nails for wedding

Burgundy nail design for date night

Unusual burgundy nail design

Gothic burgundy nail design

Neutral color subtle burgundy nail designs

Burgundy rose gold stiletto designs

Classy burgundy nail design

Blue & burgundy nail art

Kawaii burgundy nail design

Elegant universe pattern burgundy nail art

Ombre burgundy nail in almond shape

Light silver color burgundy nails

Wine color short nails

Holiday short burgundy nails

Green & burgundy nail art

Burgundy nail for light skin tone

Burgundy short nail for bridesmaids

Pink and burgundy nail design in almond shape

Long burgundy nail with almond shape

Chrome burgundy nail design

Burgundy nail art for wedding

Orange and burgundy nail with glitter

Purple burgundy nail design

Burgundy nail design with geometry pattern

Burgundy nail design with stickers

Burgundy nail art for olive skin

Burgundy toenails

Done fantasize with your burgundy fingernails? Now, remember to match your fingernail colors with your burgundy toenails! Add an extra spark of elegance with classy nail art like the sample on the top right.

What are the most classy nail polish colors?

Shades of Burgundy nail polish colors are the most classy nail colors. They are easy to carry for all skin colors, look nice for all seasons, match well with all types of outfits, and look attractive for both casual and formal occasions.

What is the best nail colors for fair skin?

Burgundy color will complement the peachy undertones of fair skin. Deep burgundy colors are perfect for the cold autumn and winter and provide a perfect toned-down, neutral manicure to brighten up the dull days.

What is the best nail polish colors for dark skin?

Warm and dark colors such as burgundy nail polish color look the best on darker skin. You can try a lighter shade in summer and spring, or a darker shade for fall and winter. This nail color goes well with everything.

Is burgundy color your favorite color? It is the color of power and feminity, Saint and Sinner. It is a lucky color that will bring anyone a positive vibe with more confidence.  Below are just some inspiration pictures, make sure to try them out yourself to see if the color is for you!

Hashtag #NotStayingBlueToday #BurgundyColors on social media to show off your burgundy looks and be part of the tribe empowered by the beautiful color!

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All the images and text of this post are property to burgundycolors.com I spent a lot of time researching and editing, please respect my effort!