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35+ Burgundy Hair With Highlights Ideas (Caramel, Black, Purple, Blonde, Blue, Copper Colors – Which Hairstyle Is For You?)

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Burgundy hair color is cool, but burgundy hairstyles with highlights are another level of sophistication. Coloring your hair is more than just about giving your hair a makeover; it’s also about making a new self image, new impression to others, new mood, new idea, new determination. What does your choice of hairstyle speak about your life and mind?

There are so many burgundy hair highlight variations that flatter different skin tones, textures, and personal styles; it can be challenging to choose just one! Whether you’re trying to add some extra layers, go lighter or inject some freshness, these highlight ideas add radiance to your face but don’t reduce your beautiful base color.

Burgundy Hairstyles With Highlights

Burgundy color means strength, confidence, sophistication. It is the best color scheme for the mood of autumn and winter. Here’re a variation of burgundy hair color with highlights ideas for you to think about! The combinations look pretty cool on short, medium, long hairstyles.

Burgundy Hair With Blonde Highlights

Illuminate your face with buttery blonde highlights, adding an instant glow to the outline of your face. Blonde is the perfect hue for those who wish to experiment with lighter shades.

Burgundy Hair With Purple Highlights

Below are some of the most gorgeous examples of burgundy hair color with purple highlights for your inspiration! This dreamy burgundy hair look with violet highlights is simply stunning.

Burgundy Hair With Caramel Highlights

A good way to lighten up burgundy hair is to add some caramel highlights to make the volume looks lighter and more refreshing. It is a truly gorgeous burgundy hairstyles that everyone will love.

Burgundy Hair With Black Highlights

Black highlights on burgundy hair looks as natural as burgundy highlight on black hair. Discover the sexiest burgundy hair with black highlights ideas that will have you the subtle and mystery dark look.

Burgundy Hair With Red Highlights

If you’re looking for hair color combo like burgundy hair with red highlights for your hair, check out these trending styles that we have shortlisted. Red hair alone can be too loud, but burgundy hairstyles with red hightlights look just perfect.

Burgundy Hair With Blue Highlights

A stunning blue highlight color is truly bold and uncommon, it reflects perfectly your unique personality!

Burgundy Hair With Copper Highlights

Brighten your eyes with the copper highlights, and continue the shade from your eye line. Burgundy hair is one of the evergreen hair dye trends. Sexy, alluring and sophisticated, it adds depth and dimension to your overall appearance. If you want to add a bit of life to your mass of burgundy hair, you should consider getting copper highlights.