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Vilnius : An Amazing City Where You Can Enjoy Your Bachelor Party (2021)

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This is Where I Ate a Thigh of Roe Deer and washed it Down with Acorn Coffee!

If you’ve ever wanted to savour the culinary delights of beaver, cow’s tongue or smoked hog’s ear- and who hasn’t? – the east is where to feast. In Vilnius they’ve got a specialty beer divined from both malt and peas and a cup of coffee is traditionally made from ground acorns. There’s a lot to love about traditional Lithuanian fare and not least because it has ‘hangover cure’ written all over it. Imagine waking up after a serious night on the tiles, so hungry you’re willing to gnaw your big toe off, your stomach has that old time vat of acid feeling and you’re dreaming of a greasy fry-up. This is where Cepelinai steps up to the plate. Described by a respected food writer as “a Zeppelin-shaped parcel of potato dough” filled with meat, covered in a sauce of onions, cream, butter and bacon bits, (and bacon bits, magic words in anyone’s language) Cepelinai hits the spot to reline the stomach and imbue the consumer with a warm inner glow of nothing short but pure satisfaction. Almost spiritual. So rich, so creamy, so oniony, so meaty, so bacony and so simple in its delight that it makes you want to take the Tesco ‘Five a day’ and moon the daylights out of Gordon Ramsay and that bloody Gillian you-are-what-you-eat-woman. Taste it. Love it. Become a new man.

And This is Where I Drank this Random Honey Stuff

So what are you waiting for? Get involved. Knowing that you’ve got a sure fire hangover cure gives you no legitimate excuse for turning down the God bestowed nectar that is Lithuania’s Special Honey Mead Balsam. Amateurs need not apply. There are two main types; Suktinis at 50% proof and Zalgaris which is a scorcher at a staggering 75%. Seventy-five. You could, however just as easily stick to the vast array of boutique beers from the surrounding breweries, the best of which are the pale bronze lagers made from both malt and peas, a fine drop by the name of ‘Sirvenos’ is a good place to start. You’ll also find many rich reddish brown lagers with hints of whiskey and sherry undertones.

Vilnius is Baltic So Will I Freeze My B@$$s Off?

Maybe. But not necessarily. Just like the UK January is the most freezing month with lows hitting a chillin’ -9C. The record low for Vilnius is -30C but that was so long ago that no one really remembers and the record high is a toasty 35C. But generally from April to October Vilnius is cool without being cold and warm without being sweltering.

Average January Temperature: -2 C

Average July Temerature: 19C

Weird But Cool Lithuanian Facts:

In a move that can only be described as unconventional, the Lituanian Basketball team, which rocketed to fame in the early 90s after scooping the bronze medal at the Barcelona Olympics, is supported by none other than the American Pyschedelic rock band ‘The Grateful Dead’. Official team photos show the athletes sporting highly fetching tie died shorts in a varying assortments of lime, magenta and acid pink. Dude.

Lithuania is the proud home of the world’s largest TV sculpture. Artist Gintaras Karosas created the work entitled “LNK Infotree” using just under three thousand individual television sets.
Lithuanian man/beast Antanas Kontrimas, who reportedly hadn’t shaved in a quarter of a century, set the Guinness World record for the greatest weight lifted by a human beard. On the 11 September 2004, Kontrimas lifted a 136 pound woman with only his whiskers. On previous occasions Kontrimas carried a sack of grain, a TV host and an entire keg of homemade beer. Ladies, get in line.

So How Do I Organise All the Travelly Details Without Screwing Up?

Easy. There’s a London-based company by the name of Chillisauce who employ people who really enjoy tailoring packages stag groups to Vilnius, and a whole bunch of other cities. They do all the phoning, reserving and then come up with ideas just for you and your friends. All you actually have to do is turn up to have the most kicking ass time.