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Things To Do When Bored: 57+ Ways To Add Color To Your Life During Lockdown

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Hi everyone, what are the things to do when bored? Are you feeling depressed or got zero motivations to do anything during lockdown?

We understand the torment and frustration of stay-at-home in this pandemic, but please stay positive and healthy.

To motivate yourself from boredom livelihood, it’s the perfect timing to add a pop of color into your daily life.

Burgundy is a good color in case you are indecisive. The color adds excitement but is less drastic than the red color. Burgundy color is sexy, mysterious, and empowering, yet subtle and easily acceptable by men and women of any age.

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On this page, we are supplying you with some ‘burgundy’ tips, ranging from personal makeup, outfits to home decor, and gift ideas for others. Let’s prepare for the upcoming normal life with a brand new burgundy look! Don’t miss anything and make sure you have checked your interested content below:

Let’s brainstorm and decide what to do during quarantine in burgundy red!

Change Your Hairstyle & Hair Colors

(For women)

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The blogs below will offer plenty of hairstyles and hair dye ideas for women. If you feel bored with your current regular hair design, perhaps you should try maroon hair dye at home or jot down your favorite hairstyle and schedule for a haircut asap!!

Trim The Hair & Beard

(For men)

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Hair is your first impression on others. Taking good care of hair is a must, and coloring your hair with dreamy burgundy color is a plus. It is time to have a refreshing look for a new start.

Try New Makeup Looks & Gadgets

These Are The Best Selling Burgundy Makeup Looks

Every woman will enjoy being under the spotlight with the perfect full makeup. If you don’t know how to match your makeup with burgundy dresses, the blogs below can definitely answer your question. Especially for prom makeup looks or bridal makeup looks, try on the sparkling burgundy eyeshadow looks and makeup – You’ll stand out from the crowd and shine!!

Take Care Of The Nails

Check Out More Trendy Burgundy Nail Inspiration!

If the eyes are the window of our soul, then the nails must be our canvas. Decorate the nails with different types of classy burgundy designs and impress others when you’re saying “Hi!” to them. You definitely don’t want the nails to ruin your whole burgundy looks, so put on ‘makeup’ for your nails too!!

Get A Statement Tattoo

unrecognizable stylish tattooed woman on light background

Try New Outfit Color Combinations

Get Inspired By Top Burgundy Outfits To Look Confident & Sexy!

woman in red long sleeves holding a tablet

A girl can never have enough clothes. An elegant dress for formal event, a casual street style look for everyday wear, a cute cosplay costume for festival and party… – You need an ultimate and exhaustive guide to introduce each style. The blogs below explain and offer plenty of burgundy dressing looks on every occasion, perhaps you should take them as a reference!


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Dress Like A Star

Dress Up The Husband/Boyfriend

These Ideas Will Look Nice On Guys!

photography of man wearing black and red jacket standing in forest

Who says boys don’t dress up? In order to turn yourself into a charming guy, there may be a lot of factors to consider than you have ever imagined. And I’m sure that outfits must be one of them. A decent attire will help you to make a great first impression. The blogs below offer ideas of burgundy men’s clothing for any cases, it’s time for you to grasp this opportunity and make some changes!!

Casual Wearing


Dress Like A Star

Get Shoes Of New Style

Every Girl Needs A Pair Of This!

Burgundy shoes are popular for matching wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, date night outfits, prom dress, office suit & even raincoat. Every female should have at least one pair of burgundy maroon shoes to feel like a confident queen of the night!

Collect High Quality New Shoes

Try A New Color Today!

Apart from the astonishing outfits, shoes also contribute silently to the best burgundy look. As the day begins with the moment you step out of your home, make sure you have got a pair of comfortable yet stylish shoes to anywhere you are going to.

Change Car Color


DIY For A Burgundy Halloween

Do-It-Yourself is one of the eternal trends around the world. If you are feeling bored during quarantine, then why not give it a try to burgundy crafting for Halloween. Have you overlooked some great burgundy handmade spooky crafting ideas?

Festivals Need This Color!

Having a detailed look into each ‘burgundy’ category, I’m sure you’ve a ‘burgundy’ plan in mind! Don’t hesitate and visit our online store to see whether the products match your desires or not. If you want to keep updated with more burgundy ideas and related blogs, engage with us and we’d love to hear from you! Go Burgundy!

Improve The Home Interior & Add Colors

Buy Burgundy Decors To Make The Room Less Boring!

Having your home decorated is the best alternative quarantine activity in the pandemic. Believe it or not, burgundy home accessories will add a pop of colors to your home. It is important to make your home be the most comfortable yet stylish place on earth.

Get Uncommon Gifts

Random Goodies!

A gift lets everyone feeling beloved and delighted. If you are going to purchase a gift for your loved one, whether for lovers or parents or grandparents or friends or co-workers, refer to some great burgundy gift ideas and create the unique gift experiences.