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October 29, 2020 By Hazel - the sporty fashionista 0

Things TikTok Made Me buy For My Car (Amazon Finds Compilation 2021)

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First I would like to thank TikTok for existing during the quarantine because it definitely helped me to kill time and made my life easier.

I am using my car far less than before during the lockdown but still Tik Tok made me buy these viral Amazon products for my car because these things are so cool and they seem to work magically!

Looking for cool ways to customize your car or practical things for the coming road trip? Keep scrolling for the TikTok famous shopping list, they are all available on Amazon!

TikTok Made Me Buy It For Car Organization

Yes, I’m guilty of lying in bed watching hours and hours of videos that seem to never fail to inspire me. But I did make some achievement and found these great small space maximisers.

I’ve listed the best Tik Tok finds for car organization from Amazon that are definitely some you won’t regret to purchase. Your life can be much easier with these car organizer.


  • Seat Gap Organizer (This gap filler goes in between your seat and the console. It’s great for catching little items or storing things, and there’s a can holder for my Diet Coke.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Car Door Gap Filler (As seen on Shark Tank) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Visor Organizer (This visor organizer makes it easy to access loose papers, receipts, cards or anything else that you need to keep organized.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Trunk Organizer (An organizing bin for your trunk so it’s not a complete disaster.I have the portable vacuum, a flashlight, jumper cables, diapers. If your kids do sports, this is awesome.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Trunk storage – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Car Trash Can With Lid – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Cup holder Diamond Design – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Purse Hooks (This purse holder slides onto the back of your seat and holds up your purse so it’s not on the floor. They are so handy for so many different things like groceries, your purse, a jacket, or if you want to hold up your phone to watch a show.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Car hooks (Brown) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Car hooks (Bling) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Handbag holder – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Back Seat Trash Bin – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Poly Expanding File – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Expanding File Folder Accordion – SEE IT ON AMAZON

Cool Things To Get For Your Car Cleansing

While TikTok is famous for innovative food hacks and viral dance crazes for teenagers, it has also created a space for car owners to share all of the products that have made their lives easier for car cleaning and maintainence. We have turned to the app to share current “must-have” items.

How to keep the car interior clean according to TikTok? These are the cool things on amazon you didn’t know you needed to keep a dust free environment while driving.

  • Super Multifunctional Vacuum (This portable vacuum is so great, especially if you have kids or pets.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Mini USB Car Vacuum – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Gel Cleaning Putty (This gel putty picks up any dust or crumbs from nooks and crannies and helps you to keep your car nice and clean.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Double-ended Car Cleaning Stick – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • RainX (This Rain X water repellant is so great. Spray onto your windows, rub it in, and it repels water. You can see the difference from that side that has it versus this side that doesn’t.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Car Shampoo – SEE IT ON AMAZON

What Should You Have In Your Car At All Times For Safety

These are the things you should have in your car at all times for safety reasons. Basically all of my saved Tik Toks are things I might want to buy someday, and most of them I already have.

How To Decorate Your Car Interior

Do you know these 10 surprisingly useful amazon car finds that are blowing up on TikTok for car interior?

These TikTok Amazon must haves for car made a pretty big difference in my comfort level and looked great. The LED strip light was the first purchase I made off Tik Tok and I am obsessed!

Cool Car Accessories For Exterior

Not everyone opens TikTok with making a purchase in mind, but some of these viral videos have convinced many people to try out the eye-catching TikTok car accessories they’ve scrolled upon. Though some of these aren’t necessarily new, they’ve now found their way back on everyone’s radar and have amassed thousands of views and likes in short periods of time. These are what is viral now as best things to buy for your car exterior .

Tik Tok Car Must Haves

Thanks to Tiktok I’ve been able to find all of these amazing must-have items for cars at such an affordable price (most of the stuffs are under $20) and I’m guilty of purchasing most of them. I’ll forever be addicted to watching these amazing TikToks but I’m kind of hoping quarantine ends soon so I can spend more time outdoors and use my car with these best car interior accessories.

  • Anti-Slip Gel Pad (My favourite! This sticky anti-slip pad allows you to keep things on your dash without sliding off.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Dual Head Clip Fan – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Window Shades – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Humidifier – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Tissue Holder (This tissue holder fits right on the visor.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Phone Dash Mount (I love this phone mount for your dash.There’s a camera on there so it senses when your phone is there and automatically opens, closes, and is secure.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Multiple USB Outlet – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Prime Tracking Device (This tracker has a lot of cool features, like being able to get notified every time it enters or leaves a certain area and being able to see the pattern of a car.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Bluetooth FM Transmitter (Very popular On Amazon! If you have an older car, this FM transmitter is great.You can make phone calls and plug it into your cigarette lighter so you can listen to your own music.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Sunglasses visor – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Bear Phone Grip – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Slip Free Desk Phone Stand – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Retractable Sun Visor – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Lumbar Support Pillow with Mild Cooling Gel – SEE IT ON AMAZON

Best Things To Buy Off Amazon For Eating & Drinking In Car (TikTok Ideas)

There are plenty of cool Amazon finds that are having their moment on TikTok — and they’re surprisingly useful. If you don’t want to dedicate the time to scrolling, we scoured through the app to find the viral videos and top-rated products you should know about. These are the top things TikTok made me buy for my car to enjoy quick meals on the road.

  • Car Tray – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Sauce clip (This sauce clip goes onto your vents for your chicken nuggets, fries or whatever while you’re driving and need a spot to put your dips. It also has a tray on the bottom for sauce packets.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Mini Fridge (This portable mini fridge is awesome for drinks, your lunch, or road trips to keep food cold.) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Cup Holder – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Iced Coffee Cup Insulator Sleeve 16-20oz (Small) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Iced Coffee Cup Insulator Sleeve 22-28oz (Medium) – SEE IT ON AMAZON
  • Iced Coffee Cup Insulator Sleeve 30-32oz (Large) – SEE IT ON AMAZON

Products For Living In Car

These car gadgets have definitely helped me organize my “life” in a way, by helping me tidy up both my car and room. Now if for any reason you will be living in your car for a while, check out the following hacks to make the days in car easier.


From cool car living accessories to camping and road trip car gadgets, these are the items TikTok users are obsessing over.