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32+ The Purge Costume & Mask Ideas For Couples, Best Friends & Hot Girls (2020)

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We predict movie-inspired costumes from The Purge will be very popular this year because it is one of the easiest mask themed ideas! The mask will be doing most of the work for you.

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Group Purge Costumes

If there’s one night of the year where people think they can get away with doing whatever they want with no consequences, it’s Halloween. If there’s one night when people can actually get away with doing whatever they want regardless of consequences, it’s the Purge (as coined by The Purge movie).

Halloween nights are much more interesting if you pull off a duo with your best friend or favorite group of friends, so why not do that instead of coming up with something on your own?

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Purge Couple Masks

You know what they say: couples who purge together, stay together. Matching light-up masks will let everyone know you’re together, no matter what other clothes you wear.

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Purge Best Friend Costumes

There are so many characters in this series, but you can always tie this besties costume together with masks. You can dress it up however you’d like but the Purge mask is essential!

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Women’s Purge Halloween Costumes

Sure, the fictional annual event takes place in March and Halloween takes place in October, but otherwise the two are a natural match.

Guys love the theme as it is easy & quick to put on. Girls love the theme too because you can do all the stupid things this night of the year while hiding the real identity.