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Love Fairy Tales? Check out 17+ Pretty Fairy Halloween Makeup & Cosplay Costume Ideas! (2020)

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Time to try something different from being a cat or a skeleton for this Halloween, dressing up like a fairy is not only for teen girls or sweetheart babies.

Whether you want to be a dark magical fairy, black gothic fairy, dead scary fairy, pretty twisted fairy or an ethereal forest sprite, these makeup and costumes ideas will inspire you and get you ready to go!

Need A Bloody Fairy Look? Check Out This Tutorial For Scary Halloween Makeup.

Dark Evil Fairy Halloween Makeup

You have a lot of prop choices when it comes to dark evil fairy makeup, it’s the best to pick something that complements you dress and makeup to create that fantasy look of a glamorous dark fairy. To get the dark evil fairy look, consider getting these items to complete the look.

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Black Gothic Fairy Halloween Makeup

Thinking of dressing up as a black gothic fairy this Halloween weekend? Yeah, this amazing look is definitely the move, since you have stunning details and many of them you can carry to future everyday outfits. Get ready to impress at your Halloween party!

Dead Scary Fairy Halloween Makeup

Looking for fairy makeup that’s equal parts pretty and scary? These dead scary fairy halloween makeup looks just might convince you to abandon your current Halloween costume plans.

Pretty Twisted Fairy Halloween Makeup

When we were kids, my sister dressed up as a pretty twisted fairy for Halloween. I remembered that as the most stunning cosplay costume ever even till today. Nearly every fairy look starts with a great glittery eye, but with a different color or decoration theme, possibilities are endless.