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Large Group Costume Ideas For 6: 37+ Best Ideas For Halloween inspired By Music Groups, TV Shows & Iconic Characters

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Congratulation! Not everyone has 6 besties to go out together on Halloween night. Before your gang can accept the trophy for best costume of the night, you and your friends must first choose your Halloween look — and anyone who has tried to coordinate outfits for special occasion knows how challenging and time consuming the process can be.

The following large group Halloween costume ideas for 6 or more people are affordable, easy to carry for all body shapes & ages. In a hurry? Check this shortcut.

College Group Horror Halloween Costumes

6-Member Groups

Click Here For Group Costumes For 5 Inspiration.

Six The Musical Halloween Costumes

Bar Staff Halloween Costumes

Best Music Group Costumes

Iconic Groups Of 6

Click Here For Group Costumes For 4 Inspiration.

Award Winning Famous Groups Of 6

Restaurant Costume Ideas

Groups Of Six In Pop Culture

Click Here For Group Costumes For 3 Inspiration.

Easy Group Costume Ideas

Large Group Costume Ideas