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How To Get Burgundy Hair? (DIY Color Dye At Home & Avoid Common DIY Mistakes 2022)

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How to dye your burgundy maroon hair at home & avoid common hair dying mistakes?

Something has always stopped you from taking action and you’re worrying if you can dye your hair at home, right? We hope the following list of care for hair tips & all the pretty ladies with burgundy red wine-colored hair in the pictures will prove to you that there’s nothing to be scared of.

This guide will get all your common burgundy hair dye questions answered. NOW is the best time for you to have that ideal burgundy color hair.

How long have you been bored and wanted to make a change to the hairstyle? Ever thought of dying hair for the first time at home? The following DIY guide is perfect for girls and guys who want to dye burgundy maroon hair yourself at home during the quarantine.

How to get burgundy hair?

For temporary solutions, you can try burgundy wigs, extensions, clip-on hair highlights, hair chalks, hair sprays, even temporary hair color pens. They are all good choices for making your hair burgundy. But the best way to get burgundy hair is to dye it with burgundy hair dye.

There are many different types of burgundy hair dye, including but not limited to cream, powder, spray, crème, gel, foam, lightening powder, shampoo, and conditioner. You can even find all-natural ingredient burgundy hair products to minimize damage to your hair. Below you can see the full spectrum of options for getting burgundy hair color.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best hair dye product based on your natural hair color and hair quality.

✅ Click the images to see the best-selling burgundy hair wigs, hair care products & color dye options. ( ==> Only ideas of 1k+ good reviews are included.)

How to dye burgundy hair color yourself without bleaching or ammonia at home?

How to dye hair burgundy without bleaching or ammonia? It is actually not an issue at all because burgundy hair coloring doesn’t require pre-bleaching for most basic hair colors. That’s why it’s called the best at-home burgundy hair dye color.

It’s a big plus for hair styling because bleaching is bad for hair care as we all know it. There are tips for burgundy color hair dye, ranging from light burgundy hair dye for blonde hair to burgundy hair dye for dark hair. Make sure you know these tips before you start.



Burgundy for dark blonde hair
  • If you have dark blonde hair (verging on brown), you can skip directly dyeing your hair plum with a box hair color.
Burgundy for light blonde hair
  • It is likely that applying deep purple directly to your hair will make it purple.
  • You need to pick care for hair products, especially for the hair type or pick a true red base or a basic brown.
Burgundy For Dark Brunette Or Black Hair color Dying dark hair burgundy can sound challenging, you need to pay attention to these top tips –
  • You are NOT going to have bright burgundy purple hair unless you bleach it. Period. BUT you can have beautiful dark, dark burgundy violet hair without bleaching.
  • Bleaching your hair till it gets to a brown or red tone first is a good idea for when you want to go from dark hair to light burgundy purple hair color.
  • It’s hard to go aubergine when you have dark hair without bleaching because the color is likely not to show up. If it does, there are chances your hair may just look brown and not burgundy. However, in the later session, I will share some tips on how to color a burgundy hairstyle without bleaching for black hair. So keep scrolling!
Burgundy For Light Brunette Or Brown Hair
  • For hair color that is naturally brown, you have the perfect hair color for going oxblood. It’s literally going to be as simple as applying the color to your hair.

The best thing about this shade is that it is not very loud and thus will suit all tones. Ready to take action? You can buy the BEST SELLING NO bleaching NO ammonia burgundy hair dye care for hair products online, remember to read the reviews carefully first to see if the product is for your hair type. It is also probably one of the most affordable options. 😀

More inspiration from popular Tiktok burgundy hair girls! (They also showed their best hair dye tips and steps in the video, so make sure to check it out.)


How to dye burgundy hair color yourself with natural ingredients such as henna at home?

If you have light brown hair, all you need is a henna powder, water, and lemon juice to go burgundy. However, if you have darker hair you will also need beetroot.

Burgundy wine color is one of those colors that are relatively safe on natural hair and can be done without using bleach for most hair types.

In fact, other than using chemicals, you can even try to DIY burgundy hair with 100% natural ingredients such as wine color henna and another homemade hair coloring for hair.

Check these DIY tips on how to color dye your hair into burgundy color hair at home naturally.

  • Here is a homemade natural hair dye guide to try with henna:
  • Blend a beetroot into a thick paste(for darker hair).
  • Mix a pack of henna powder with a couple of tablespoons of Amla powder into it.
  • Add in a few tablespoons of hibiscus powder.
  • Squeeze a quarter of lemon juice into the mixture.
  • Add enough warm water to make a paste. Make sure the paste is thick enough to avoid dripping.
  • Leave the paste in a glass bowl for a few hours until the dye releases and the mixture gets much darker.
  • Add a little Aloe Vera powder (for natural hair care moisture) to give it a good stir.
  • Apply the mixture all over your hair.
  • Cover with a shower cap or plastic bag, leave it in for 3 or 4 hours then rinse it with lots of conditioners (any inexpensive conditioner works fine for this DIY hair treatment).
  • Let it get dry at least 90%.
  • No shampoo until the following day(or 72+ hours if you can wait) to maintain hair beauty.

Only use 100% pure, body-art quality care for hair henna. Nothing (I repeat, nothing) that comes in a box from the health food store if you are doing this for a healthy natural hair coloring approach. Many henna products contain metallic salts and all sorts of other ingredients that you don’t want anywhere near your hair.

The pure henna hair color doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, and thus it will not damage your hair. It will take care of your hair, nourish your hair, and protect them against damage to improve growth and thickness. Have the most healthy burgundy color hair.

Another reason for using Henna is that any standard dye-containing red will fade to a bleached, oxidized mess relatively quickly. Henna does not fade — if anything, it gets deeper with time. It is the best thing for your hair care!

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How to dye burgundy hair yourself with products at home?

Wanting to DIY dye hair at home? Looking for more convenient hair styling & dyeing solutions instead?

First, get the following items ready either online or at a local store.

Many people ask how to dye hair at home, especially for the burgundy color hair dye. Although there are instructions on the package, they think it is difficult to dye hair themselves. Let us show you how to dye your hair at home with these simple hair tricks and tips. 

  1. Wash your hair 24 to 48 hours before dying because you are not suggested to wash your hair immediately after the burgundy hair color dye had put on your hair.
  2. Protect your home from dye stains.
  3. Put a towel or color cape around your shoulders. Apply Vaseline on your forehead around your hairline, neck, and on your ears.
  4. Brush your hair well with a wide-tooth comb.
  5. Put on your gloves.
  6. Use the supplied bottle or a bowl to mix the dye.
  7. Mix your burgundy color hair dye with a developer(if needed).
  8. Use a comb to separate your hair into four different sections.
  9. Apply the burgundy hair dye to your hair in sections.
  10. Set a timer for how long you need to leave the burgundy hair dye in your hair.
  11. Wipe excess burgundy color hair dye off of your neck and forehead with a paper towel or wet cloth.
  12. Wait until the processing time is up to rinse your hair with care for hair conditioner.
  13. Dry your hair.
  14. No shampoo until the following day(or 72+ hours if you can wait) to take care of your hair.

Dying hair burgundy for the first time at home seems difficult for everyone, we understand there may be many hair dying mistakes for the first time. That is why it is important to continue your reading as there are still more common FAQs to cover.

Will burgundy maroon show on black hair?

The burgundy color will for sure show on black hair, but if you want to go from black hair to burgundy with the best result, bleaching your hair till it gets to a brown or red tone first is a good idea.

Check out all these ladies who are wearing burgundy wine color on their black hair flawlessly. It will show nicely following the right steps.

How to dye natural black hair burgundy without bleach?

How to dye black hair burgundy? To get burgundy on dark hair or black hair without using bleach, you can try:

  • Box Dye for Subtle Hints: Depending on the color of your hair, using a burgundy box dye will give you the same color or something darker with subtle hints if your hair is black. If that’s what you’re going for then it’s easy peasy.
  • Bright Red Box Dye On Black Hair for A More Visible Look: Burgundy is essentially a darker and cooler shade of red almost like maroon red hair color, so dying black hair with a red box dye will give you a burgundy look. Doing this would require watching your hair as it changes colors so you can rinse it off once it becomes what you’re looking for.

Follow the instruction of your selected product closely, make sure you use a cream color instead of a gel.

If you want to get a burgundy color result on your hair, make sure you read ALL the reminders of burgundy hair dye for dark hair down below to avoid hair dying mistakes.

How to go from bright red to burgundy hair?

First, decide which shade of burgundy hair you want. Do you want it to be more brown, purple, red, dark, deep, or bright?

To tone down the bright red in your hair, you should use a darker dye that still falls into the range of red shades, always toning down one shade at a time.

If you have light, red hair, consider dyeing it a more neutral shade of brown–unless you want a more reddish shade of burgundy.

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Reminders for using box dye for my burgundy hair color?

Burgundy hair color will definitely highlight personality. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s vivid and it’s deep. The best thing is, burgundy mixes up with your natural color in the best possible way so you can be sure that there’s no one else who has the same hair color as you. To get the best result, pay attention to the following notes on how to dye your hair with professional products.

  • Box dyes have a color chart on the side to indicate what color the hair is supposed to turn out on your current hair color. It will be helpful to go through the directions and warnings, though most people seem to ignore such a color chart.
  • Many people who once had burgundy purple hair color also shared that the hair color looks black color immediately after the dyeing process. It will lighten up on its own after several days to a week’s time if you wash your hair every day. Alternatively, if you have dark base hair color and do not want the color to fade, then DO NOT shampoo your hair after the coloring. You can rinse your hair once a week in icy cold water, but no shampoo. After about two months, the color will be locked in, and nothing will get it out.
  • If your hair color dying process involves hair bleaching, your hair will get a bit stiff afterward. Make sure you also get some deep conditioner to make the burgundy hair soft and shiny.
  • If you have long and thick hair of dark color, make sure you get enough boxes of hair dyes so the aubergine coloring result will be even on your long hair.
  • For creative types, try a combination of colors to skew the tone and get a unique effect. Some dyes(such as violet) are EXTREMELY pigmented and overpowers other colors. You can dilute the colors 1:1 with plain conditioner, for some brands the conditioner will lighten the color.
  • Adding a conditioner can also help super thick dyes to get a little easier to spread throughout your hair evenly. Use a wide-tooth comb while the dye was in to make sure everything was coated.
  • Wear gloves during rinsing, or your nails will be stained wine color. Protect all the area well, or your cabinet, the fiberglass tub, the pillow, the carpet will have burgundy red spots from dripping. Wipe the drips up immediately to prevent permanent coloring.
  • Make sure you put Vaseline on your forehead around your hairline and on your ears or you WILL have purple skin!
  • Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed, or you will probably have a purple pillow. 🙂

Make sure you check out reviews of all the mentioned best-selling care for hair products before making a purchase decision to dye hair at home. Big brands for burgundy hair color dye such as Kaise Kare, Joico, Keune might work very well for others but not as much for your base hair color.

All the images and text of this post are property to burgundycolors.com I spent a lot of time researching and editing, please respect my effort!

Will burgundy maroon hair color fade?

Burgundy maroon hair color fades through time. Professional hair dye is designed to fade on tone, meaning whatever color you start with about two weeks out from the service it settles into a slightly lighter and true tone that it will be for the next 3 or so weeks, then may fade even more as it’s about time for a retouch. Other factors that will affect the color fading speed include shampoo choice, conditioner choice, permanency of hair dye used, the method you used to dye your hair, and the base color of your hair.

Most burgundies have a blue/purple undertone, which doesn’t translate or fade to a red/ginger color. So even if you did fade the oxblood some, you won’t end up with a red/ginger color but a blue/purple hair color. If you start to hate the color, consider the following methods of removal.

How to remove the burgundy color from hair?

If you want to remove the burgundy hair color, it’s pretty easy. These are popular ways.

  • Let time and regular shampooing take their effect to fade it.
  • Using a color eraser
  • Bleach bath
  • Hot Oil Treatments followed by a wash with an astringent dish soap
  • Baking soda added into your shampoo (Hurting your hair least)
  • Use ammonia-free products like “color b4” to remove the unnatural pigment and restore your hair to its lightest form.
  • If you decide to remove the colors professionally in a salon, take the box from the dye with you when you go to the professional, so they know what exactly they are dealing with, and tell the colorist what you want. The service you are looking for is called a “color correction.” Usually, such a process can cost, but if you want your hair fixed without major damage or breakage or loss of hair, you need a professional to fix it.

Please note it will not bring your hair exactly as it was. Also make sure to rinse really, really well, and use a towel that you don’t care too much about to dry your hair, because the dye will bleed into it.

Some of these methods can be damaging and drying for your hair, so be careful and do not push your hair further into the process of removing color until repairing it a bit and adding moisture back into the strands!

See how others with burgundy hair color or dark maroon hair color are reviewing their dye removal products here.

Best burgundy hair color upkeep & care for hair tips?

The best burgundy hair color upkeep tip is actually about which hair dye to choose from? Dark burgundy hair color, burgundy red hair dye, or a maroon hair dye? — Deep burgundy is the latest trend and everyone is spotting this hair color. This color doesn’t easily fade away, which makes it cost-effective and easy to keep too.

The next most popular question will be ‘how to dye hair at home without damage?’

Undoubtedly, coloring hair brings harm to hair health, but we will show you some methods on how to dye hair at home without damage. Here are some tips that make burgundy hair color last. To upkeep the color fresh & charming, learn the following care for hair tips to make hair color last.

  • After coloring, wait for a full 72 hrs before shampooing unless the color is obviously too dark for you. You will want to wait for even longer if you have a dark hair color base. Read again my tips in the earlier reminder session.
  • Use the right color protection sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after you change color. Only a high-quality moisturizing shampoo with color protection does not fade away the color from hair. Avoid over-shampooing.
  • Try to avoid the sun, which can also cause your burgundy color to fade. Use leave-in treatments with UV protection so that the sun won’t fade your hair color.
  • Add dye to your conditioner to slightly re-dye your hair every time you wash. It keeps your deep maroon hair looking fresh until your roots grow out.
  • Turn down water temperature when shampooing as when washing hair with hot water, your hair’s cuticle is opened, allowing your color to wash out while shampooing and conditioning. Try shampooing with slightly warm water and then rinse with cold water after conditioning. The warm water will allow the shampoo and conditioner to penetrate and cleanse, while the cold water will help seal in the moisture from your conditioner while preventing color from fading by sealing the hair’s cuticle.
  • Wash hair 2-3 times a week to keep your color on lock.
  • On off days, try color-tinted dry shampoos to revamp your color without having to head to the salon.
  • Use heat protectant spray before using hot tools, as heat will strip away color and hydration and lead to damaged hair.
  • Prepare your hair for the next color process by using a clarifying shampoo the day before your next color treatment at the hair salon. This will strip your hair of any oils that could block your color from penetrating the cuticle at a deeper level.
  • Make sure you are cutting off those dead ends every 6-8 weeks so your color looks fresh from root to tips!
  • Avoid chlorine as it is a chemical bleaching agent that cleans pools and will definitely strip color from your hair when enjoying a sunny pool day. If you must go to the pool(instead of the beach), get your hair wet and use conditioner in the shower first, then don’t rinse it out when getting into the pool. This will create a barrier on the hair shaft so that the chlorine won’t penetrate. You can also consider using a swimming cap.

Ultimately, all these so-called care for hair rules are just to get you started. The best part of burgundy hair color is that it’s temporary and fairly easy to play around with until you find your perfect shade — no matter your undertone.

Dyeing is fun but it is also very time-consuming. Today we shared answers to the most asked burgundy hair color upkeeping questions.

All of this has been said in order to inspire you to not be afraid to experiment with the burgundy hair color. Most ladies constantly want to change something about their appearance and hair color is top on this list.

Luckily, it is much easier to get your hair dyed every month than make your nose smaller or lips bigger. You never know how much you can change by simply taking care of your hair and have had your hair dyed in burgundy.

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Can burgundy be a natural hair color?

Burgundy cannot be a natural hair color. The burgundy color, in all its shades, is a manufactured tone. Redheads or gingers have the only natural hair color with copper and mahogany hues. Nobody is born with a burgundy hair color naturally.

How to dye burgundy colour hair?

If you have black hair and you are looking to dye your hair in burgundy, you could use a bright red box dye and it would result in burgundy-colored hair. Burgundy is a darker shade of red so dying black hair with a bright red box dye would give you the color you want.

What is the best burgundy for warm skin tone?

If you consider yourself to have a warm skin tone, the best type of burgundy dyed hair would be deep burgundy, a deeper colored burgundy. The combination of this color and your warm skin tone will not have a drastic contrast to be seen excessive but harmonize with the right amount of complexion.

What is the best burgundy hair dye color?

The best burgundy hair dye color depending on your hair length, base tone color, hairstyle, face shape, neck shape, outfit style, accessories style etc. The color of the burgundy hair dye you choose will depend on your natural hair color and all the factors mentioned, so choose a product that is designed for your shade.

Even the best burgundy hair dye color may not come out exactly as expected.

Remember that sometimes you may need to dye your hair color several times to get the perfect burgundy color. Most people usually do a permanent color first and then use a demi-permanent color for a while until they get the color they want. You can even use a highlight kit on top of that color if you want a more natural look.

Will burgundy hair fade?

There is no doubt that dyed burgundy hair would fade. Depending on the products that are used, it could last for a few days or up to two weeks. However, there is also no doubt that this faded burgundy hair will look beautiful!

In general, colors fade faster with EXCESSIVE exposure to sunlight, Frequent shampooing especially using Deep Cleansing or anti-dandruff shampoos, use of alcohol-based hairspray, gel or other hair products, etc…

If you do not like your burgundy hair color and want the dye to fade faster, worry not. There are plenty of ways to undo the damage. To start, use a mild shampoo and a hairdryer. Wash your hair often to keep the dye from setting.

If you love your burgundy hair color and want to get it to last longer, then you can try using a color depositing shampoo and conditioner to help keep the color from fading as quickly. A toning shampoo may also be used to combat brassiness. Popular products such as Redken or Manic Panic will help too.

What color does burgundy hair color fade into?

What color your burgundy hair dye will fade into depends on which brand of hair color are you using, and your original hair color. No matter if you are using permanent or semi-permanent hair dye, most burgundy hair dye will likely fade into the color violet or purple. For some color makers, it can also fade into orange or red colors. If you have lighter hair, burgundy hair dye can fade down to pink after a few washes.

When will burgundy hair colour start to fade?

The starting point of your dye fading depends on which type of dye you used to dye your hair (permanent or semi-permanent). If you have used permanent burgundy red dye, the color would start to fade three to five weeks after the dye, and if you have used semi-permanent it would last even shorter.

What developer to use for burgundy?

A 30 volume developer instead of a 20 volume.

How to make burgundy hair more red?

There are many factors to be considered before finding the best solution to get your burgundy hair color redder.

  • is your current color your natural color?
  • If so, has your hair ever been colored previously or is it virgin hair?
  • Is burgundy color the only color you have applied?
  • If not, how many times have you colored over your hair?

Depending on how light or bright you want it to be, you could hilite it and tone it with something redder to add dimension and brightness or if u wanted the whole head lighter you could do a quick “soap cap“ over the entire head and then color it to the brighter red you want. “Soap cap“ or “shampoo cap” is a gentle process for lightening hair color.

  • Apply equal amounts of 30 developer, shampoo, and powdered bleach. When the desired lift has been reached, shampoo (no conditioner).
  • Depends on how bright/red you want the new color. You can even add a red color or toner, process, shampoo and finally, condition.
  • Last, you can blow-dry (color will appear lighter after your hair is dry) & style.  

Alternatively, dish soap can also take out some of the burgundy colors.

How to do burgundy highlights at home?

You can get burgundy highlights at home easily by using hair highlighting kits. We suggest you stay within two levels, either darker or lighter than your natural color for the best result. The kit is perfect for giving you burgundy highlights with the undertones of your choice, with no extra hassle.

  • Choose the hair strands you wish to highlight.
  • Mix the color powder sachet and the developer in a bowl.
  • Apply the mixture to the chosen hair strand with the applicator brush.
  • Wash and condition your hair and see the fabulous hair transformation.

Do you like this guide on how to dye your hair burgundy?