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47+ Famous Iconic Group Costumes For 4 Adults (Popular On Pinterest TikTok & Youtube In 2021!)

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Yes, Halloween is coming again. 2020 is almost gone, can you even believe it?

While the spooky festival will for sure look different this year with social distancing and face masks, it doesn’t mean you have to completely give up the fun of dressing up!

In fact it is probably the best excuse to catch up with friends and co workers who you havn’t met for months. In this blog we will show you some of the most viral Halloween costume ideas on social medias.

Look no further than these classic ideas for the best four-person Halloween costumes you’ll see this year.

Quick conclusion?

Group Costumes For 4 Ladies

Halloween is the only time out of the calendar year where lingerie and a pair of animal ears is appropriate party-wear, but we’re taking the festival as an chance to get our friends and co workers together for the best group outfit.

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Group Costumes For 4 Guys

You do not need to go for the nerdy or funny costume theme as a male group of 4, you can also be the ‘college boy band’ or ‘Kpop’.

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Scary Horror Group Costumes For 4

With these group creepy Halloween costumes, you and your crew will stand out wherever you are.

Group Costumes For 4 Easy

Out of all the many amazing DIY costume ideas out there, perhaps the best thing about coordinating with your friends is that it’s a guaranteed way to have the most fun Halloween ever. It will be more fun if the costumes are homemade!

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Disney Costumes For Groups Of 4

This year, make sure to take your Disney Halloween costume to the next level with your best friend groups with these amazing ideas!

Family Costumes Of 4

Get your friends together and wear these matching Clovers cheer sets so your squad can chant and dance all night long.

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Hollywood Movie And Tv Show Halloween Costumes

Keep scrolling for hilarious, fun, and memorable group Halloween costumes, and start dropping your spooky suggestions in the group chat to make the last minute decision.

Tv Show Couple Costumes

From pop-culture moments, iconic movie and TV characters to your favorite band, there’s no shortage of inspiration so you and your groups can get in on the horror spirit this October.