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Easy Group Costumes Ideas For 5: Family, Teachers, Sales, Bank, College, Work & Medical Groups (17+ Themes For 2021)

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Halloween is the perfect holiday to celebrate with all of your people: co workers, sales team, family and, of course, your tight-knit circle of best friends.

Group costumes are a unique and fun way to celebrate Halloween and create memories. We are going to provide you the best inspiration for groups of 5 people.

In a hurry? Grab these popular Halloween themed accessories for gang of five people.

Group Costumes For 5

Why not come together as a coordinated crew and create an epic Halloween group? These Halloween cosplay outfits are perfect for the group of five who loves team work.

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Famous Bands Of 5Spice Girls

This is a classic band of 5, and there’s no better feeling than successfully pulling off a spectacular group costume of Spice Girls, especially when you arrive at the Halloween party and the compliments start rolling in.

Family Clown Costume Idea

These epic clown costumes will be turning heads wherever you spend your Halloween this year. The details are beautiful, and there are plenty of different costumes for the whole crew of five.

Horror Bank Group Halloween Costumes

Put the spooky back into Halloween this year with these classic bloody makeups. Show the hidden dark spirit once a year during Halloween!

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Disney Group Costumes

You can never go wrong with a classic Disney group get up. This theme is flexible too, you can easily make the theme work for families or adults. It is easy to find an outfit for kids or pets, it is also easy to fulfil that picky friend who wants to look like a princess while the other friend wants to look evil or furry.

If suddenly another friend wants to join then it will be convenient to convert from ‘group of 5’ to ‘group of 6’ or ‘group of 7’. In the same ways, it will not be a big impact if only 4 or 3 people stay till the end of the party.

Medical Group Halloween Costumes

Before you can get to the part where you’re accepting the trophy for best costume, you and your friends must first choose your Halloween look — and anyone who has tried to coordinate outfits with the whole gang knows how tricky it can be to get everyone to agree on one idea. The following ideas for gang of 5 or more people are easy to carry and evergreen.

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Lion Family Costume

If you and your team are going for something cozy and cute this year, try the lion family theme!

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Sales Team Halloween Costumes

Pacman Costumes Group

Classic costumes like these are bound to get your group noticed right away and applauded for your humor. It is easy for all body size and gender.

College Group Halloween Costumes

Co-Ed Group Halloween Costumes

Group Halloween Costume For Teachers

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Easy Group Costumes

Famous Groups Of 5 In Movies