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Who are the people behind all these resourceful blogs? Who is doing research day and night to find out what people are looking for? Scroll down now and get to know these diligent people!


Hi, I am Hazel from Canada, currently living in Hong Kong. I am a professional fitness trainer and also a freelance fashion blogger. I am equally passionate about fitness and fashion. Sadly I have no magic that helps me to take up both positions as a fitness trainer and a fashion consultant. So here I am: I share my fashion insights and ideas here, hoping to help anyone in need and get me closer to my dream job. You can find out more about me on Instagram and Medium.


Hello, I am Edward. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Marketing and have over 5 years’ experience in the fashion retail industry. I am now a freelance fashion writer and am writing for different fashion magazines. You can learn more about me on Instagram and medium.

Guest writers

There are different guest writers helping us with our content. They are from all over the world but are all great writers. Though they come and go, we would still like to give a big thanks to them. The rich content and detailed analysis they provide have played a big role in improving our page. It wouldn’t have developed so rapidly and smoothly without them. Again – thank you so much!