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BurgundyColors.Com is very PR friendly. I’d love to get in touch about sponsored posts. Use the contact form below to set things up, remember to put ‘Sponsored Posts’ in SUBJECT.

To comply with FTC regulations, all sponsored posts will be labeled as such.

Sponsored opportunities are limited. I only choose a specific number of sponsored posts each month and I only choose opportunities that fit well with the interest of my audience.

Are you passionate about art, fashion trends, jewelry, hairstyles and hair dye, outfits, nail design, colorful lifestyles, wedding decor & outfits, interior design, home decoration, gifts, electronics, furniture, office, and other commercial spaces improvement projects? If yes, then BurgundyColors.Com is looking forward to working with you!

Please be aware that due to the high volume of requests, not all submissions can be accepted or replied to.

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